Love Like a Yogi

Love Like a Yogi

In today’s world, we are told that love is an incredible virtue. The Beatles sang “Love is all you need” in 1967, and to this day, wherever we look, from the Dalai Lama to the latest song on the radio, we are reminded of the incredibly special and important nature of love. We should love our children, our partner and our country.

We get in the way of love, however, and sometimes don’t even know how to love ourselves. If we try to love someone or something without loving ourselves first, we can become disconnected or disappointed, feeling lonely or sad.

This workshop looks at how yogis interpret love, through each of the chakras, and how we can shift love from being rooted in the various human needs and emotions to being free, clear and divine. It all starts with loving ourselves and forgiving our past, and we will do a powerful meditation to allow us to do that so we can be loving, clear and happy throughout our lives.

Yogic Business and Pratyahar

We often separate our yogic practice from our work and business life. In Kundalini Yoga, however, the practice of integrating the two is not only accepted, but also treasured. We are yogis in society.

This workshop will explore how to apply Patanjali’s 5th Sutra, Pratyahar, to the professional world and how to be completely professional and totally yogic at the same time. Simran has worked in several ”Yogic Businesses” and will share from this experience.

Simran Singh

Simran Singh was born into one of the first Kundalini Yoga families in Germany. At the age of 12, he moved to India, and at the direction of Yogi Bhajan stayed there for 10 years studying yogic philosophy and classical music. Yogi Bhajan then asked him to be a musician and a teacher, travel the world, and inspire the people.
Simran has been a teacher trainer for nearly 20 years and developed a particular passion for the scientific research into Kundalini Yoga as a research assistant at Harvard Medical School and working closely with Dr. Dharma, whose groundbreaking research on Kirtan Kriya has received recognition from medical schools, nobel laureates, and publications around the world.

Today, Simran works as a corporate strategy executive, is a professional musician, KRI teacher trainer, and a human rights activist. He is on KRI’s teacher training executive council, which designs these training programs.