Treating Addicitons,

ENG: Zsuzsanna Beres, MD in Psychiatry, shares her experience

How to heal the “ Broken Brain” which experienced trauma or was exposed to drugs, alcohol or other toxins? Why and how Mindfullness, Yoga, Meditation can calm down the overactive amygdala?
How the reward system and the anti-reward system works? How to explain the phenomen of craving, tolerance and sensititation, the process of developing addiction and how to understand the neurochemistry of the Addicted /”Hijacked” Brain and take advantage of neuroplasticity to regenerate it and develop new functional pathways?
What Kundaliniyoga can do to support the healing process of a person suffering from addiction?
What we know and what we experience as yogateachers?

In 60 minutes We explore the Science and the Evidence which explains the experiences of many yogapractinioners and addicts in recovery and the success of certain treatment programs.

Zsuzsanna Beres, MD in Psychiatry and addictology and food, sugar and sex addiction therapist (Superhealth, Addiction Beyond)