The Healing Journey

The Healing Journey
Feel good, be good and do good!
An introduction to the transformative power of the Healing Journey

A thought becomes a feeling, becomes an emotion, becomes an impulse to act.
Catch your thoughts – and feel good!
Elevate your emotions – and do good!
We practice Kundalini Yoga meditations & pranayama to become aware of the fuel of our action, the energy of our emotions.
Direct this energy towards actions which support the growth and development of your true, inner core!

Kundalini Yoga is based in centuries of wisdom and experience. Thinking outside of the box makes it fit for the future.

Sohan Kaur teaches Level 1 & Level 2 and has worked more than 10 years as a counsellor in the field of Social Work.
By “The Healing Journey”, she shaped her experience into an inner healing process to solve blocks and self-set limitations of our potential. That awakens our inner power and enthusiasm to live the life we are here for. Before yoga she was an engineer, lives in Germany and Italy, and currently teaches all over Europe.