Siri Sadhana Kaur

Brittisk musiker, sångerska och inspirerande yogini på återbesök i Sverige. Hon kommer till Stockholm lördag 29 oktober, Karlstad söndag 30 oktober.  Föranmälan till respektive yogacenter, se nedan.

– Harvest your Inner Power & Dancing the Chakras

9.00-11.30 – Harvest your Inner Power
12.30-15.00 – Dancing the Chakras

Yoga – Chanting – Gong – Live Music
Kundaliniyoga assists in the process of activating your inner power through activating the navel and the lower triangle of the body. There is both a physical activation through asana and a subtle energetic connection through connecting the body with the soul consciousness.
In this workshop we will dynamically work with the body to exhaust the patterns and habits of the mind that block our inner sense of self and power. We will work with yoga, chanting and gong with live music to access our depth and experience of the sacred within.

Yoga – Dance – Martial Arts
The chakras are subtle energy systems of the body that enhance and balance our health and vitality through eliminating processing and purifying.
Through drawing on the playfulness of modern and ethnic dance, the power of martial arts and the wisdom and stillness of yoga we will draw on the innate healing capacities of chakra system.
Using funky and inspired music we will move into full body expression through dance to restore vitality and celebrate our radiance and unlimited playfulness.

Both workshops – 800 SEK
One workshop – 470 SEK

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Siri Sadhana spelar

Siri Sadhana spelar

Siri Sadhana Kaur, from London, encourages others to experience themselves as joyful instruments of expression and transformation. She studied and performed in singing, music and physical theatre with the innovative movement master Jacques Lecoq in Paris, then qualified as an instructor of Tai Chi Chuan, practising for 20 years.
In 2004 she trained in Kundalini Yoga and then The Nia technique – a holistic dance based practice. She is a Kundalini level 2 KRI teacher, Professional trainer with ATA, PGCE/Cert Ed qualified teacher and Nia blue belt teacher. She delivers Yoga teacher trainings internationally with the Karam Kriya school. Siri has produced 5 music and mantra Cds and runs Kirtans, Gong baths and dance/singing events.
Find her music on Spotify.