Harness the Negative Mind

Harness the negative mind!
The negative mind wants to belong and feel safe!
Your higher human nature contains the trust, compassion and intuitive neutrality to counter the distrusting fear, anxiety and self-doubt of a flashing negative mind that is out of proportion.

In this class we will work through unwanted negative and fearful thoughts and emotions. Releasing and letting go of negative patterns and disillusions so that your negative mind can do its job of protecting and promoting you.

Relating to our negative mind in a loving and nurturing way will help forge a strong and conscious relationship with this aspect of yourself.

“Believe in the things that bring great joy!”

Amar Dev Kaur/Sophia is a celebrated Yoga teacher, lecturer, bodyworker and healer who lead classes, workshops and retreats internationally. She holds advanced certifications in Kundalini Yoga and massage therapy and works with a diverse clientele including individuals motivated to improve their lives as well as high-profile clients. Sophia draws from over 2 decades of experience in her holistic approach to healing, which addresses the mind, body and spirit of her clients. Sophia met her teacher Guru Singh in 94 and practiced Kundaliniyoga at Yoga West, Los Angeles, until she moved to Stockholm in 2002. Yogi Bhajan gave monthly classes in LA at that time and he gave Sophia her spiritual name Amar Dev Kaur. Guru Singh continues to be Sophia’s great source of inspiration.
www.breathe.se, instagram breathe24.7 Sophia’s classes are joy-filled, educational, inspiring and practical. –Through yoga and meditation we nourish and foster the soul, we realize our own potential and we achieve deep healing.